Thank you for visiting artful embellishments. This is the third year for this blog and I am so happy to keep publishing. I started in 2011 and began with a quilt of the week, this lead to the leaf of the week for my newly designed paper tree that is located on the wall of my garage in 2012.......2013 is going to bring a lot of excitement and positive change. As a personal challenge for 2013, I plan on designing a artist trading card each week to be featured on the blog.
With so many interests, there will be quilting, art quilting, leaves (and more leaves), as well as experiments in thermofax screen printing, fabric dying, and tons of DIY recycle projects. I may even enter that altered fashion scene. To a happy and healthy 2013, may we all find happiness in those things we create....thank you for stoping by artful embellishments.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recycle 6 Recycle Paper and Make a Bound Paper Journal

This week in the Delta College Fiber Art Club we used paper to make our own bound journals. So this incorporated new, used, recycled and RELOVED paper! We were able to learn how to bind a book using wax and thread. We were able to learn terms like signature and kettle stitch.

Here is Sherri our fearless leader and volunteer! She is getting us all set up.  Everyone had to bring 30 pages of paper, any kind of paper.  There were maps, music sheets, recycled tests, notes, scrap booking paper, and I brought some fabric paper. Can't forget our handmade paper from last week is included too!

Ellen and Jennifer are getting ready to make the signatures.

Stacks and stacks of reloved paper!

My book--love the recycled road atlas!  Bound with color string!

My book on the left! Can't wait to decorate this journal for a future post!

Our collective journals!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Recycle 5 Making Paper from Recycled Paper

Well my recycle project for 2014 has not been as productive as I would like, but for those that know me, despite obstacles I won't give up. We may have to change my goal of one recycled project per to week to one per month!
The Delta College Fiber Arts Club started today and we made paper from recycled paper. Sheri Archer is our mentor and what a blast.  Here are some pictures from our paper making!

Carl is to the right.  He is getting ready to Mix the Pond. This is a very fun bin of water and ripped/shredded/blended paper scraps in water. Looks like a pond!! Smells like one too!
 Rachel our president with our secretary getting ready to couch pronounced (Koosh) the paper! (aka flipping the screen over!!)
 Ellen is diddling the pond. No folks I am not making this up. That is the correct words.
This is what the paper looks like when it is on the couch! We are leaving it to dry and next week we are binding our own art journals!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ceramics Finale

Ceramics II came to a close. This was a fun class especially since we did our critique with everyone's pieces all at once. It is amazing what to see what you can accomplish in 15 weeks.  My pieces are up on top. My favorite are the VW bug, with it's junk yard weathered look and the small tiles in which I used thermofax screens. I will feature those separate at some point.

To the right is a view of the entire class!
 To the left are Tom's. He did some amazing pieces. My favorite is his baseball glove. He built a mold out of plaster and then cast the piece. For his first go at ceramics, he hit it out of the park and had the most interesting pieces in the class.
To the right are Ellen's fish. She has a water pond and plans to put these near her garden/pond.
We are off to use the wheel to "throw pots" on tuesday. Can't wait.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Drawing Finale

 The finale....finished. It is hard to believe that I have finished all my studio art classes for my associates. It has been so worth it. I have learned so much and it has forced me to try things that I certainly would not have, if left to my own devices.

My drawing instructor was amazing. He was always able to provide constructive feedback, while finding something positive even in the midst of the biggest mess.

Our final drawing project was really fun. Any subject, any medium, four renditions....
 The first jeep was done with graphite.
The one to the right with charcoal.
Since I also had Painting II in which I used oils, I jumped in with acrylics. These two jeeps were my favorite.
This last is my own jeep. A 2001 rusty jeep with 150K miles. I still love it and I am so happy that I was able to paint it!