Thank you for visiting artful embellishments. This is the third year for this blog and I am so happy to keep publishing. I started in 2011 and began with a quilt of the week, this lead to the leaf of the week for my newly designed paper tree that is located on the wall of my garage in 2012.......2013 is going to bring a lot of excitement and positive change. As a personal challenge for 2013, I plan on designing a artist trading card each week to be featured on the blog.
With so many interests, there will be quilting, art quilting, leaves (and more leaves), as well as experiments in thermofax screen printing, fabric dying, and tons of DIY recycle projects. I may even enter that altered fashion scene. To a happy and healthy 2013, may we all find happiness in those things we create....thank you for stoping by artful embellishments.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Painted Fabric

 Painted fabric is such a relaxing way to spend a Sunday.  I typically work on muslin or canvas.  I love to die fabric, but the impatient side of me doesn't want to work with a ton of chemicals.  So I tend to use acrylic paint that is watered down. Typically this results in a fabric that is slightly firmer, but still flexible enough to sew.
This color palette of yellow, red, black and green was inspired by a piece of art that I saw on a TV show. It was on the screen for a split second, but definitely spoke volumes.  The background was hand painted. The X's and O's were hand painted with a smaller brush.
This fabric was painted with just washes of color. Very solid broad strokes provides a great base in which to add drawings, small sketches and words.  These pieces of fabric are the base for many additional layers that will be placed once they dry.

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